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Sunday Acoustic Sessions Hard Rock Cafe Surfers Paradise

Sunday Session Matt Schlam

Sunday Acoustic Sessions

Matt Schlam
February 24th & March 24th

All American Cocktails with a Twist

Quoted Review from Triple J Unearthed.

Matt Schlam has one of the most powerful voices in the industry. Having completed his debut album almost single handedly, he is ready to show the world what he is capable of. Matt was born to rock, grew up in a family full of the hardest rock and rollers this country has ever produced, and so the bar was really, really high. With some help and guidance in the early years, he set off and learned every trade he needed, by himself through trial and error, in order to produce his music to the standard he would expect from others. Vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, bass, drums and percussion, piano, organ, and other synths, some harmonica.

Audio engineer and producer, including editing and mastering, Songwriter…..where does it stop? I mean he created from nothing (he even built the computers and modified the operating systems to be super quick) from NOTHING, what is in my opinion one of the best rock albums of all time. It covers some really deep territory too, from the death of his 2 year old son, to the angst felt by a frustrated musician, to divorce, to the life saving breath of finding the love of his life…….. it IS a masterpiece.

MATT SCHLAM – BRING IT was written, performed, and produced entirely by himself, with the exception of a last minute collaboration with Adam Gorecki, who is a guitarists guitarist, fast and tasty. Adam co-wrote the 4th track, “Make her mine”, as well as layed down some of the sweetest solos you’ll hear. Apparently Adam literally played some guitar parts along to a click track that could be looped or something, and Matt spent 2 or 3 days with it and came back at him with this completed song, which he tells me, hasnt changed except for a final touch up at the mixing stage.

Now, Live stuff. I happened to have the pleasure of seeing Matt perform with BRING IT whilst they were based in Melbourne recently. Man, I was not expecting what i got. That man can SING, and I mean REALLY sing. I watched him play a 4 hour show with a couple of short breaks, at full tilt. I wasn’t expecting his voice to last long at all, he’d done a gig the night before, and he was really punching it out. He got stronger as the night went on, and owned that room. He finished the night with a paint peeling version of ACDC’s Highway to hell and left the crowd for dust after literally wearing them out, incredible.

Spurred by morbid curiosity, I ventured out to his show the next night. I worked out too that they DON’T have a lighting guy (I thought he was a bit too good), but Matt has pre programmed the light show (another trade)and it all runs automatically as they play through the show…the mind buzzes. Anyway, it took him 5 minutes to warm up, and he started singing like nothing had happened the 2 nights before. One word…Amazing !!

If you can get your hands on a copy of the Album “MATT SCHLAM – BRING IT” ( www.jaybees.com.au ,go to e-store), mate, do yourself a favour and buy it, cause this bloke is going somewhere, and kicking the doors in.

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